Amazon Week V: Press Release (NYC)

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Thu Apr 28 20:42:55 EST 1994

                    AMANAKA'A AMAZON NETWORK
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                    CONTACT: Livia Machado 
          April 28, 1994 . . . New York, N.Y.   The largest
Rainforest convention in the world -- Amanaka'a Amazon Network's
Fifth Annual Amazon Week in New York City-- will take place in
New York from May 2 through 11. The nine days of activities with
specialists from around the world will provide information about
activities aimed at saving the Rainforest, as well as presenting
cultural programs.
     The public is invited to hear Brazilian native leaders,
scientists and human rights advocates who are among those taking
an active role in a unique program aimed at preventing destruc-
tion of the Amazon Rainforest. 
     On Monday, May 2 the opening ceremony, at the Dag Hammar-
skjold Auditorium at the U.N., will include an address by Human
Rights Advocate Bianca Jagger. Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, spokesman
for 10,000 Yanomami Indians of Brazil and recipient of the United
Nations Global 500 Award, will also speak.  In addition,
traditional Taino-Arawak music, performed by Caciba Jagua, will
be performed at the end of the ceremony.
     During the seminars, workshops and cultural presentations,
people from many fields of expertise will share their knowledge
and work toward their common goal of saving the Amazon Rain-
     Presentations will offer subjects such as "Women of the
Rainforest" and "A View from the Frontline."   Workshops, to be
conducted at the Pace University Student Union, will focus on
"Preservation of Traditional Knowledge," "Search for Sustainable
Alternatives," "Life in the Forest" and "Sustainable Development
Policies for the Amazon," among other themes.
     An special additional event will be a Congressional Hearing
arranged by the House Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs,
featuring the front-running Brazilian Presidential candidate Luis
Inacio Lula da Silva and Amazon leaders Davi Kopenawa Yanomami 
and Marta Guarani.  
     Detailed schedules and ticket information are available from
Amanaka'a.  Ticket prices range from $10 for each workshop to $35
for a pass for the entire week's events.  Tickets for the opening
ceremony will be $25, or $20 for members of Amanaka'a. Amazon
Week is organized by Amanaka'a, a non-profit organization
dedicated exclusively to supporting the peoples of the Amazon
Rainforest. Additional information on the Amazon Week Program is
available from Amanaka'a Amazon Network, Suite 8, 339 Lafayette
Street, New York, NY 10012.  (212) 674-4646.
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