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David Lloyd-Jones david.lloyd-jones at canrem.com
Sat Apr 30 01:18:00 EST 1994

AH+does anyone out there know how to get hold of timer prices in Western
  +industrial countries? I'm talking about the price you'd expect to be paid pe
  +cubicmetre.  I immagine they'll be quite easily accessible, just
  +haven't got a clou, how. 
I would have said clue, but anybody of a carpentry turn of mind would 
say "clou", wouldn't they?
Standard lumber prices are published every day in the Wall Street 
Journal, and other financial newspapers.
If you are thinking of buying, for construction purposes, say, you can 
get a good idea of things by talking to the Commercial Attache at the 
embassy or consulate of any lumber exporting country.  
The prices given you by the attaches will reflect open market 
conditions of the advanced countries, and may not be an accurate 
reflection of what goes on in, say, the forests of Thailand or the 
veneer-peeling plants of Indonesia.

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