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In article <94220.084234IO01072 at MAINE.MAINE.EDU> Hugo Volkaert <IO01072 at MAINE.MAINE.EDU> writes:
>just some comments on this issue, maybe others can add to it:
>1) South-East Asia is big. Where is your piece of land?
>2) I am not sure that absentee forestry is a good thing to do.
>3) Why the Western markets? There is a market for teak in S-E Asia, that will g
>Hugo Volkaert

I am sorry about not being very specific in my previous mail. So here are the further
The land is in Southern park of India(The States of Kerala and Karnataka)
This is a family business so even though I will not be personally present, I 
will have people looking after issues.
Currently we are in the stage of gathering information and are looking
at the market situation outside of south east asia.
So if you can give me any information, or sources (organisationns, lists
or newsgroups) from wher I can get info  on the issues I raised viz.
1.Different kinds of saplings and expected output
2.Care and maintenencs during the life cycle.
3. Markets in South East Asia and the west.
I would  appreciate that. 

texasim at athena.mit.edu

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