Teak Wood Info

Texas Simsuper Evaluator texasim at ATHENA.MIT.EDU
Mon Aug 8 05:37:08 EST 1994

I have recently purchsed 50 acres of land in South East Asia and plan
to convert it into a teak farm. I am looking for the followin information
1. Different varieties of saplings and expected output(Cu.Feet/Acre)
2. Maintenence: Initial expenses, yearly maintenence costs. Type of care
and maintenence required for a teak farm.
3. Exisiting market for teak wood and related hard wood products in the west.

Also if you could give me pointers to other newsgroups or organisations which
deal with the above mentioned issues it would be highly appreciated.

In short I am looking for any kind of information realted to teak wood.

texasim at athena.mit.edu

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