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Wed Aug 10 07:12:02 EST 1994

swm5 at (Shawn W Miller) writes:

>	Could someone post the formula for figuring board feet either in 
>inches, feet or both.  Just a historian struggling with high school math.

If a "board foot" is the same as our old "super foot" then the base unit
is a block of wood 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 inch  (and there are 12" in 1' ;-)

I think our "super" is an abbreviation of "superficial" and derives from
the fact that flooring etc. was typically made of 1" thick planks, so a
one square room would need 100 super feet of flooring (of course you knew
that a "square" is an area of 100 square feet - usually thought of as
10' x 10' ?  ;-)

Cheers,  Ian S.

P.S.  When I first started work you could buy timber ("lumber" to you I
suppose?) for 2/- (2 shillings, now 20 cents) per super foot here in
Mareeba.  Now I can't afford to buy timber - I think red cedar, for
example, is now up in the $thousands per cubic metre (about 424 super) -
when you can buy it at all.


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