Congressional Committee takes to the Net

Sat Aug 13 20:41:17 EST 1994

>       - I thought I would forward this 
>                 - to keep you politically connected. - 
                                        Peter Knop>

>This is the initial posting from the Committee on Science, Space,
>and Technology of the U.S. House of Representatives, chaired by the
>Honorable George Brown of California.  We have agreed to serve as
>the "beta" testers for House Committees trying to learn how to use
>the Internet.  We posted this message to some of the USENET
>newsgroups that discuss topics relevant to our jurisdiction over
>Federal civilian research and development activities to:
>     (1)  Increase the number of people who know we do have
>          Internet access;
>     (2)  Indicate how we can be reached on the net; and
>     (3)  Start learning how to take advantage of this information
>          system in our daily activities.
>Getting the Congress to use Internet has been discussed in a few
>threads on various USENET newsgroups of late.  Some of you may be
>familiar with the E-Mail Pilot Project established by the Committee
>on House Administration, chaired by the Honorable Charlie Rose of
>North Carolina.  Those Members of the House currently maintaining
>an electronic mailbox for constituent communications may be found
>by e-mailing "congress at" with the text "HELP" or "INFO"
>in the message body.  You will receive an automated response with
>the necessary instructions.
>Also, the text of legislation introduced in the U.S. House of
>Representatives during the current Congress is now available on a
>W.A.I.S server located at the House Information Systems data
>center.  The server may be accessed from the directory at
> or using the following information:
>     Server:        diamond
>     Port:          210
>     Database Name: USHOUSE_house_bill_text_103rd
>It can also be found on in:
>     Congressional Information/Legislative Resources
>The database contains the text of House bills beginning with
>October 1993 and is updated daily.
>What follows now is the message you will automatically receive in
>response to messages sent to housesst at, the Committee's
>Internet address.  It describes items like the Committee's gopher
>server, which you can also find at
>                  ----------- begin -----------
>     Welcome to the electronic mailbox system for the Committee on
>Science, Space, and Technology of the U.S. House of
>Representatives.  This Internet service is provided for ease of
>communication with the Members and staff of the Committee.
>     If your message is addressed to a specific Member, it will be
>printed out in hard copy and forwarded to the Member's office for
>response by U.S. Mail.
>     If your message is addressed to a staff member of the
>Committee, it will be forwarded electronically to that staff member
>for response.   Depending on the nature of the response, it might
>reach you in either electronic or postal form.
>     Messages for the Committee press office will be acknowledged
>electronically and then followed up on, if necessary, with material
>by post or fax.  You can reach the press office directly via
>Internet at "sstpress at".
>     The Committee also maintains a bulletin board on the House of
>Representatives Internet gopher server at "gopher at". 
>Much of the public information material provided by the Committee
>is available on this gopher system.
>     Much of this information also is available on the Committee's
>"Straight Talk" voice-response system.  Dial 202/225-3018 and
>follow the menu instructions for a touch-tone telephone.
>     Thank you for contacting the House Science Committee.  Please
>be patient as we experiment with this new way of better serving
>your communications needs.  If you wish to write to the Committee,
>please direct your correspondence to:
>           Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
>               2320 Rayburn House Office Building
>                  U.S. House of Representatives
>                      Washington, DC  20515
>                   ----------- end -----------
>At this time, we suggest you supply both your e-mail and postal
>addresses in any communication to the Committee.  Each office in
>Congress has its own policy for responding to public inquiries. 
>So, if we forward your e-mail to a particular Member's office, they
>may choose to respond with a regular letter.  Our Committee hopes
>to increase our use of e-mail in responding to public inquiries.
>We have chosen the following subset of USENET groups for our
>initial foray into the
>Please feel free to repost this message to other groups that might
>fin/d the information of value.  Your comments on what should be
>carried by this channel of communications would also be welcomed.
>Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
>U.S. House of Representatives
>Washington, D.C.  20515                     HOUSESST at HR.HOUSE.GOV
>DISCLAIMER:  Opinions expressed in this posting are those of the
>sender and do not necessarily reflect those of the Committee, the
>Chairman or any Member of Congress.

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