<RE>Updated Wildfire location?

an95158 at anon.penet.fi an95158 at anon.penet.fi
Wed Aug 17 03:59:55 EST 1994

     The State of California maintains a Gopher that contains the 
     daily National Fire Summary.  It is called OASIS (Operational 
     Area Satellite Information System).  Look under the News and 
     Information Option menu option and then under the Latest EDIS 
     Messages option to find the National Fire Summaries.  I don't 
     know the Gopher address, but you should be able to find it 
     through a Veronica search.
     I access the Gopher using Mosaic at the WWW address 
     http://www.oes.ca.gov:8001.  This is the Californian emergency 
     agency home page.  OASIS is on that.
     I think this is what you are looking for.
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