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BobGFlynn bobgflynn at
Wed Aug 17 13:08:08 EST 1994

Help!  I'm doing two research projects, and would appreciate help with

1. Gmelina plantations-- I am trying to summarize the area of Gmelina
industrial plantations in the world.  If you have any info on this, such
as the area of Gmelina plantations in your country, or if you know of
certain companies planting gmelina, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

2. International trade in wood chips:  I'm looking for information on new
and developing sources of woodchips for the international markets.  By
new, I mean other than Australia, Chile, New Zealand, U.S. and B.C.  For
example, I know that Indonesia and Thailand have shipped woodchips to
Japan, but would like to know which companies are involved, more
specifically where the export facility is, species involved, etc.  I have
already talked with Stone Container about their proposed facilities in
Venezuela and Costa Rica, and I have spoken with AMCEL about their
operations in Brazil.


Bob Flynn

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