Richard Enbody enbody at ss65.msu.edu
Thu Aug 18 08:38:25 EST 1994

Drainage?  What is this doing here? 
Well it deals with a mundane part of forestry -- logging roads.

You folks are my last hope.  I've got a drainage problem on a dirt road
and I've seen many a trail and logging road with the problem solved
and I'm wondering if any of you forestry folks could help me out.
I've tried my local extension service and have poked around the WWW
and Gopher including the USDA gopher.

I've seen logs set in trails and roads at an angle to drain water off the 
trail/road.  I'm sure there are tricks to doing it and I hoped to find 
information burried deep in some extension service document, but I have failed.
Can anyone help me out with either direct information or pointers?
Even "long shots" will be appreciated.

I will begin experimenting this weekend, but it is a laborious way
to solve the problem.

Thank you, and I apologize for taking up newsgroup bandwidth from
the more serious agroforestry topics.

enbody at cps.msu.edu

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