beech tree disease?

Fred Baker forpest at
Wed Aug 24 12:46:22 EST 1994

Probably beech scale - an insect - which wounds the tree and weakens it, 
making it susceptible to Nectria  canker.  This disease complex is 
discussed in most Forest Pathology texts, and you should be able to get 
information from USDA Forest Service, State and Private Forestry, your 
state forester, or the folks at Syracuse.

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Forcesix  <forcesix at> wrote:

>   Please excuse this question from a lay person.  I live in Western New
>York, and here and in Northwest Pennsylvania, just south of here, we have
>extensive forests of hardwoods.  I've heard, though,  that there is some
>sort of serious blight that is wiping out the beech trees.
>    Since beeches make up a substantial part of the local forests, this
>seems to me to be something pretty serious, but I've been unable to find
>out more.  Anyone know anything? 

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