beech tree disease?

Manfred E. Mielke mielk002 at
Thu Aug 25 01:33:30 EST 1994

On Wed, 24 Aug 94 10:46:22 MST, 
Fred Baker  <forpest at> wrote:

>Probably beech scale - an insect - which wounds the tree and weakens it, 
>making it susceptible to Nectria  canker.  This disease complex is 
>discussed in most Forest Pathology texts, and you should be able to get 
>information from USDA Forest Service, State and Private Forestry, your 
>state forester, or the folks at Syracuse.
>On 19 Aug 1994 21:35:14 -0400, 
>Forcesix  <forcesix at> wrote:
>>   Please excuse this question from a lay person.  I live in Western New
>>York, and here and in Northwest Pennsylvania, just south of here, we have
>>extensive forests of hardwoods.  I've heard, though,  that there is some
>>sort of serious blight that is wiping out the beech trees.
>>    Since beeches make up a substantial part of the local forests, this
>>seems to me to be something pretty serious, but I've been unable to find
>>out more.  Anyone know anything? 
>Fred A. Baker 
>Forest Pathologist
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Hi Fred!  Nice response, undoubtedly correct.  But you should have included 
a phone number for Forest Health Protection in Durham NH, responsible for 
pest related questions in NY.  603-868-7704.   

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