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Robert Underwood (runderwo at plains.NoDak.edu) wrote:
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: Greetings,

At present, this group is only on the North Dakota Higher Education 
Computer Network, it is not available to the many people who have 
contacted me from across the nation and around theworld.  Due to the 
extreme interest shown in the subject in only 2 days, I will try to get 
it more widely circulated in the near future.  Stay tuned to this group 
for details.  

Thank you for the interest. 

Bob Underwood

: This group was started by the Urban Forest Technology Department at 
: NDSU-Bottineau for the purpose of distributing information about events 
: and as a sounding board on Urban Forestry related issues within the 
: region.  Please feel free to express your ideas.


: Robert Underwood, Urban Forestry Instructor, NDSU-Bottineau.
: runderwo at plains.nodak.edu

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