Eucalyptus under irrigation

Luis Gurovich lgurovic at
Mon Dec 12 13:36:12 EST 1994

Summary:New research project in Chile: Eucalyptus under irrigation.
Water production functions and soil water budget will be studied on
Eucalyptus plantations aimed at cellulose production, to enable
harvesting 2 years before the present growth period (8 years) for
production under no supplemental irrigation. Wood quality (fiber lenght)
will be measured in samples from different irrigation regime treatments
(water depths applied, irrigation frequency). Fertigation studies for Eucalyptus
is also considered.
Keywords:Eucalyptus, Irrigation, Fertigation, soil water budget, water
production functions

Cooperative research activities are invited to share budget allocated
for the subject: Eucalyptus Wood Production under Irrigation, a new
research project to be started in Chile next March, 1995.
At this stage, we are gatheing information on the subject, both info
already published as well as advance reports, to define more precisely
field treatments, to be implemented with a high precision drip
irrigation system.
We will appreciate very much your interest in participating on this
research line, that can be extended into a multi-nation research effort,
to apply for additional funds.
  Professor Luis A. Gurovich
Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
Universidad Catolica de Chile
P. O. Box 306 - 22 Santiago - Chile
fax: 562 552 6005
e-mail: lgurovic at

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