Companies involved in rainforest destruction

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Sat Dec 17 01:30:14 EST 1994

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Rainforest "preservation" may be more complex than just creating nature
preserves with no logging. In some areas it is important that local
communities have a way to make a sustainable living from sustainable
forestry rather than seeing the forest only as something to be cut down in
order to make a living. There are a few wood products companies that are
promoting good sustainable forestry, and there are some environmental
groups working on similar projects. There are many industrial operations;
logging, cattle grazing, mining that are destroying the forest too. The
greatest cause of rainforest destruction is shifting agriculture - poor
farmers clearing patches of land to raise crops for several years until
the thin topsoil of the rainforest gives out and the farm has to be
recreated nearby.  This is a very complex issue that will not be solved by
environmental groups or business alone - it will take some synergy between
the two since the forces at play are both environmental and economic.

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