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     We are planning a new business venture and would like to
Ask you a few questions about your sporting interests and your
opinion on a planned inland fishing, canoeing, hiking, camping
service in Newfoundland Canada.

     Would you kindly take a moment to complete this survey and
send your reply and any suggestions or questions you have to
jgill at

     The proposed trip will take place at Ten Mile Pond, located
360 km west of St. John's, Newfoundland Canada.  Depending on
which type of trip you choose you could start at TEN MILE POND
and travel through several inland waterways, portaging several
times (in season), eventually reaching the ocean.  During this
trip you would have travelled a distance of between 40 and 100

     During this trip you can fish for salmon and several kinds
of trout.  During this trip you could also hunt for several kinds
of water-foul, partridge and big game (bear and Moose), in
Meals and equipment(except sleeping bag) provided.

     You will arrive at a inland lodge the first night of the
expedition and will be briefed on the country's terrain and water
ways.  At the same time this will allow you to become acquainted
with the fellow adventurers and guides.

     Please indicate your responses with a check on the line

1. a) How old are you? ___________
   b) Are you male or female?____________(optional)

2.   Have you ever participated in a canoe/camping trip before?

                If YES, go to question 3.
                If NO, go to question 6.

3.  If YES, please specify the location?


4.  What did you enjoy the most?

5.  What did you enjoy the least?


6.  Would you be interested in a canoe/camping trip in Central
Newfoundland, Canada?

    If NO, please do not continue with this survey, please
forward it to JGILL at  Thank-You for your time.

7.  Are you a member of a group or organization?


    If NO, go to question 11.
    If YES, go to question 8.

8.  What is the name of your group?

               Please specify ___________________

9. How many members are in your group?


10.  Would this group be interested in our services?

               YES _____
               NO _____
               NOT SURE _____

11.  Please indicate the type of trip you would be most           
     interested in

               1 day               _____
               1 day/1 night       _____
               2 days/2 nights     _____
               3 days/3 nights     _____
               4 days/4 nights     _____
               A week or more      _____

12.  Would you be interested in having transportation to and from 
     the start site once you reach Newfoundland, if you do not
     already live here?

               YES ____
               NO ____

13.  Please rank the following activities that you would like to  
     participate in on the canoe/camping trip.         
     1 being the most important, 2 being the next most important, 
     and so on.

               Salmon Fishing _____
               Trouting _____
               Forest & Wildlife Observation _____
               Water Safety _____
               Hiking _____
               Wilderness Survival _____
               Orienteering (Map & Compass Work) _____ 
               Camp Fire Activities _____
               Other ________________________ _____

Thank you very much for your time!!!


J B Gill

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