Fwd: Water lease values

Martin J. Desmond Martin_J._Desmond at forestnet.com
Fri Dec 23 19:34:10 EST 1994

I'm interested in information on setting water lease values or
the fair market value of water.  The situation involves water
diversion back to streams used by the endangered spring/summer
Chinook salmon in northeast Oregonn.  How would the valuation
process take into account differences between:

   1. geographic areas
   2. seasonal water requirements (human versus salmon)
   3. watersheds and subwatersheds
   4. land use practices (domestic, agricultural, industrial)
   5. other factors?

Please respond to:

   sclement at ednet1.osl. or.gov

Thanks for your help.

Steve Clements
OSU Extension Forestry
Union County, Oregon


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