Reforestation/reclaimation of farmland

woody at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU woody at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU
Thu Dec 29 15:52:18 EST 1994

Dear group-
	My siblings and I have been given, through a trust, about 300
acres of Iowa farm land. This land has been in continuous production
for the past 50 or more years, and since none of us are actually
farmers, we are not now interested in farming it ourselves.  However,
and here's the tricky part, we don't actually get control of the land
until my father's widow passes away, and she comes from a family known
to live to be 140-150 years old.  My brothers and sisters and I are
concerned that a continuation of past practices will leave us with an
inheritance that is worthless, strip-farmed by cash rent farming.
	An alternative is to rent the land, or a portion of it, ourselves,
and take it out of production; the question, then, is what to do with the
idled land.  My first (and favorite) inclination is to put it in trees.
A 20 year-old stand of walnut, pine, cherry oak, etc would seem likely
to be not only beautiful to look at, but would have a commercial value
as well.
	I would appreciate any information you could point me toward so
that I can learn more about the mechanics and/or the economics of such
a scheme.  Please post replies to the newsgroup (which could use some
traffic) or email me directly:  woody at  I would also be 
interested in any other suggestions for this land.

Thanks in advance, Scott Woody
			Long Island, NY

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