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Subject: Eucalyptus under irrigation
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Summary:New research project on Eucalyptus development under several
irrigation regimes
Keywords: Eucalyptus, irrigation, field trials

Next March, 1995 a new research project will be started in Chile to
assess Eucalyptus development under different irrigation regimes
(frequencies and water depths applied, as %of ETp). The main objective
is oriented to see if we can reduce by a year or two the time span from
planting to tree maturity (for cellulose pulp production), and to
evaluate if irrigated areas closer to pulp mills are suitable for
Eucalyptus enhanced growth.
We will appreciate information on similiar studies carried on in the
past or under development now, to share experiencies and data, to select
appropiate field treatments.
I have no experience with forest trees, but my main research is related
to irrigation of fruit orchards and tablegrape plantations, under
controlled drip irrigation.
The possibility to visit research facilities is considered on the
budget, and also the visit to Chile of foreing specialists can be arranged.

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