Biocontrol of stump sprouting in a Dutch polder

Myrna Watanabe myrna.watanabe at
Wed Feb 9 11:11:00 EST 1994

-> Accordingly, I'm investigating biological control of stump
-> sprouting of poplars by using a fungus.

I am writing an article for The Scientist (published in Philadelphia,
PA), ostensibly on mushroom research, but it is conceivable that it will
be extended to research with other fungi.  I would like some additional
information on your work-- what made you select this fungal species; did
you do previous studies with it; and what you expect and why.  My
deadline is in early March, but I would appreciate this information as
soon as possible so my editors and I can decide our direction on the
story. If your work will be included, I may want to telephone you and we
would need a black and white photo of you and/or something you are
working on. (The AND is the preferable word here.)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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