"not so mighty" Oak

Kevin Conway synic at MCS.COM
Sat Feb 12 13:44:45 EST 1994

Please accept my appologies in advance if this is an inappropriate 
newsgroup for my question. This isn't a group I ordinarilly read, but
I have a friend with a problem. I am literally regurgitating the
question without any knowledge or understanding of the content.

This friend is an ameteur landscaper who has planted (when?) some
native white oaks in the Chicago area which are dying. His question
is, are there new strains of white oak (quercus alba) that can
tolerate alkaline/dry soil? Specifically, the problem with the
existing oaks is that they are chlorotic (turning yellow). Any
suggestions for new strains or remedial action for the existing
oaks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your
help. Please e-mail or post any responses.

Kevin Conway
synic at mcs.com

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