M.S. & PhD assistantships available....

Steven Ross Shook woodlab at u.washington.edu
Fri Feb 18 08:10:34 EST 1994

*                 Doctoral and Masters Student Recruitment               *
*                        Forest Products Marketing                       *

The University of Washington College of Forest Resources is offering 
newly designed PhD and MS programs in forest products marketing.  
Graduate students in these programs will acquire expertise in each of the 
following functional areas: marketing management, marketing strategy, and 
buyer behavior.  In addition, the forest products marketing program 
maintains an affiliation with the Center for International Trade in 
Forest Products (CINTRAFOR), which provides students with an opportunity 
to conduct formal research projects.

The forest products marketing program is unique because it affords 
graduate students the opportunity to examine the forest products industry 
from a marketing orientation through a formal program of interdisiplinary 
academic coursework and applied marketing research.  Graduate students 
gain in-depth understanding of this industry through a series of recently 
developed courses in the College of Forest Resources.  This three-course 
sequence consists of (1) fundamentals of business from a resource 
perspectives, (2) marketing of forest products, and (3) international 
marketing of forest products.  Additionally, a joint agreement with the 
College of Business Administration provides graduate students with the 
opportunity to enroll in all M.B.A. courses desired as well as marketing 
and international business Ph.D. seminars.

Financial assistance for stipends and tuition are available on a 
competitive basis for research assistantships.  For more information, 
contact Dr. Dorothy Paun (206-685-9467) or Dr. Ivan Eastin 
(206-543-1918), College of Forest Resources, AR-10, University of 
Washington, Seattle, WA  98195.  USA.

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