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Sat Feb 19 18:07:41 EST 1994

Looking for recent articles/work on Mayan systems.  
Arturo Gomez-Pompa at UC Riverside seems to have some relevant 
stuff...can anyone put me in touch with him?
T'olche' are communally managed forest belts written about by G.G.A. 
Remmers in Agroforestry Systems v18 #2 (May 92).
Info. on this system, pet-kot, homegardens, etc. would be welcome.
I am particularly interested in studies that are more than descriptive, 
and which actually look at some way of measuring the sustainability, be 
it ecological, social, economic or all three.
Remmers' article is a good description, but means of measurement are not 

Please e-mail me at cjarden at


Colehour Arden

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