American Chestnuts

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Wed Jan 5 16:25:40 EST 1994

In article <Phillipsj-cic-is-040194153240 at>, Phillipsj-cic-is at (Jimmy A. Phillips) writes:
> I would like to know if anyone has any information on the availability of
> any of the true American Chestnuts.  I understand that they were wiped out
> in the eastern part of the country by a blithe (I hope that is the correct
> word to use) and there may be some left inthe western part of the US.  If
> anyone has information on this I would greatly appreciate it.

There are scattered American chestnuts that have probably escaped the
blight more by chance and by their isolated locations than by resistance.
I know of at least two mature trees in my area.  There are also some
old trees that were cut after being hit by blight that still send up
sucker shoots... these occasionally get to fruiting size before showing
considerable blight damage again.

Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI

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