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TIMBER CERTIFICATION:  Implications for Tropical Forest Management

5-6 February 1994

Yale University
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
New Haven, Connecticut  06511  USA

The Yale chapter of the International Society of Tropical Foresters
and the Tropical Resources Institute will host a two-day conference
on the problems and potential of tropical timber certification as a
tool for responsible forest management.  Scheduled speakers include:

Thomas Lovejoy (Smithsonian Institution)
Bruce Cabarle (World Resources Institute)
Don Thompson (Int'l Hardwood Producers Assn)
Virgilio Viana (Univ. of Florida)
John Gordon (Yale Univ.)
David Brooks (USDA Forest Service)
Mark Eisen (Home Depot)
Kristiina Vogt (Yale Univ.)
Caroline Amilien (Ctr. of Int'l and European Research)
Zahrial Coto and Syaffi Manan (Indonesian Forest Community)
Roger Wilson (Programme for Belize)
Nancy Lee Peluso (Yale Univ.)
Ronnie de Camino and Cesar Sabogal (Instituto Interamericano de
     Cooperacion para la Agricultura, Costa Rica)
Charles Hall (State Univ. of New York)
Kate Heaton (Rainforest Alliance)
David Ostermeier (Univ. of Tennessee)
Richard Miller (The Forest Partnership, Inc.)
Stefano Varese (Univ. of California, Davis)

Funded by the Tropical Resources Institute, Yale School of Forestry
      and Environmental Studies, and Winrock International.

For registration information contact:

     Ted Wong
     ISTF Conference Committee
     Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
     205 Prospect Street, New Haven, Connecticut  06511  USA

     Phone:  (203) 432-9896
       FAX:  (203) 432-5942
  Internet:  tgwong at minerva.cis.yale.edu

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