Colorado native trees - reference recommendations?

Stuart Wier wier at
Mon Jan 10 12:55:45 EST 1994

I am writing a book on the native trees of Colorado and
would appreciate any helpful references anyone would care
to suggest.

I am an amatuer naturalist, with no training in forestry.

The book will emphasize identification 
and characteristics of each native tree species of
Colorado, with material on its role in plant communities
and forest succession. There will also be material on 
uses of the trees and related historical incidents. 

In Boulder I have access to all the literature and some 
biologists who know about these things.  But if you have a good
reference on any of this material, especially one which is not well
known, I would appreciate hearing about that. I am especially
interested in books which might relate uses of trees or
incidents related to trees in the early west.

Stuart Wier

(p.s. to save needless effort I will note that I have copies
of the popular nature guides by Mutel and Benedict, and use
the botanical treatises by Weber, Carter, and Vines(1963?) ).

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