Colorado native trees - reference recommendations?

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Tue Jan 11 16:50:24 EST 1994

On Mon, 10 Jan 1994 17:55:45 GMT, Stuart Wier wrote:

>I am writing a book on the native trees of Colorado and
>would appreciate any helpful references anyone would care
>to suggest.
>I am an amatuer naturalist, with no training in forestry.

You may want to use Agriculture Handbook No. 654, published by the Forest 
Service in 1990.  The editors are R.M. Burns and B.H. Honkala.  There is an 
earlier, less comprehensive Handbook, No. 271, published in 1965, edited 
by H.A. Fowells.  

The former volume is entitled "Silvics of North America" in two volumes, 
hardwoods and conifers.  The earlier work is entitled "Silvics of Forest 
Trees of the United States" and includes both hardwoods and conifers.  

Articles in the two volume set include descriptions of range, site 
requirements, associated cover types, seed production, seedling 
development, growth and yield, genetics, etc, etc.  Some natural history is 
included for many species, and several references are also provided for 
each species.  I think that you'll find it quite helpful, and you might 
have overlooked it, since it doesn't have a terribly meaningful title to 

Hope this helps...
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