Neem (Azadirachta indica)

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>	Does anyone know of good information sources pertaining to neem?  
>I'm interested to see whether there has been any work done to determine 
>suitable site conditions for neem, particularly in the Caribbean.  I'm 
>also interested in learning more about the insecticide produced from this 
>tree.  I would greatly appreciate any information anyone could share on 

1. For a very evangelical approach, titled with due modesty :)

National Research Council (1992).  _Neem: A Tree For Solving Global Problems_.
	National Academy Press, Washington D.C.  Pp. ix+141

2. For a couple of papers on insect control with neem oil:

Das, G.P. (1987) - _Trop. Grain Legume Bulletin_ No. 34 Pp. 14-15 + Erratum.

Jackai, L.E.N., Inang, E.E. & Nwobi, P. (1992) - _Trop. Pest Management_ 
	38(1): 56-60.

3. For something on synthesis of the active molecule:

Aldhous, P. (1992) - _Science_ 258(5084): 893

This last is just a news item referring to the achievement of Ley _et al._
reported in the Royal Society of Chemistry's _Perkin Transactions 1._ in
"November" (1992 I assume).

Cheers,  Ian S.


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