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>I hope that hope that you go through the USDA and other proper
>channels before you introduce a microorganism into this country!
>> If you want to kill them slowly, give me a call and I will chop into them 
>> enough to expose the wood and sprinkle a few drops of my mycoherbicide 
>> onto it. The trees will die, roots and all in the next two years. 
>> I can do this in whatever season, just send me an invitation +,
>> then I will visit you and demonstrate this biocontrol.
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Thanks for your reaction! I almost thought that everybody
was in a deep sleep :)
I'm using a commonly occurring fungus of the temperate zones
of the world. In Canada they are intending to apply this fungus 
(Chondrostereum purpureum) as some kind of a biological silvicide.
BTW we have done a survey in Vancouver Island to quantify its
natural occurrence as a saprophyte. In conclusion, I don't want
to introduce a new organism as in classical biological control.
In the mycoherbicide approach we'using native pathogens and
enhance their effectivity by, for instance, a special application 
Peace, Meindert de Jong AKA <vlinders at rcl.wau.NL>

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