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>I just finished reading an article in the Sunday Oregonian about Quincy,
>In quincy, this consensus group has excluded Federal
>agencies from the process, believing that the USFS is a large part of the
>problem, and solutions will be impeded by the FS.
Good for them! It sure sounds like they have figured out the game.
 The problem seems to be
>that even though these traditional "enemies" have started to work together,
>the real estate in question belongs to the government...
Paul Geddes is an economist at Columbia College in Burnaby BC.He has som
excellent essay material on the advantages of privatizing forestland.
Please note that "privatizing" does _not_ mean "give to forestry
>? Legal manuvers?? Or maybe just a grassroots locally organized
>"seizure" of some kind??
Vote Libertarian.
>                Of course I must offer the usual disclaimer that I do realize
>that this system is probably not perfect, nor is it the end-all solution to
>all the resource problems that we face.
Of course.
> Tirades? I would love to hear from anyone actually involved with
>these two areas, or other similar processes. All I have in the way of info is
>these two articles..
I could e-mail you a copy of 'Free The Forests' by Paul Geddes. He
Touches on many of the same themes you mention.
Ken Wiebe
Ministry of Health

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