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>:                 In the book "Tree Talk" by Ray Raphael, he discusses a model 

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>: Comments?? Tirades? I would love to hear from anyone actually involved with
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>This seems like a good plan, and one which has the potential for

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>I'm a physicist, not a forester. I was looking in this newsgroup trying 
>to gather data on the cost of the detection and fighting of forest fires. 
>Know where to get info on these?

This is an interesting area for cost consideration.
Having just joined the Institute for Commercial Forestry Research, Natal 
South Africa, being new in the industry as a whole, and being based in the 
silvicultural and soil water research field, this aspect of forestry had not 
yet cropped up in any reading I have done.
To my knowledge, our Institute has not done any of this type of work, and it 
seems that fire protection, detection, and indeed research is left up to the 
commercial companies involved.
One of our large companys, SAPPI based in Nelspruit, apparently 
assigned Stuart Meikle to this sort of task, (assesment etc.), but he has 
moved into the environmental side. You might try him at SAPPI, 
Nelspruit, South Africa 27 1311 25114. Unfortunately they are not on e-mail 
direct, but you can get there indirectly by emailing colleagues linked to 
this Institute. (e-mail me and I will pass it on).
Bruce Metelerkamp
ICFR, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Rep. of South Africa
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