Test for decay resistance

Sun Jul 31 11:10:24 EST 1994

In article <dharris.81.0026491B at UPEI.CA>
dharris at UPEI.CA (Donald Harris) writes:
>Does anyone know of a standard test for decay resistance in Eastern Larch
>(larix laracina) or know of a published paper outlining the results of such
>Don Harris
>University of P.E.I.
>dharris at upei.ca
Hi Don,  I am a professional wood scientist, but I do not specialize in decay
and preservation.  However, I am aware that there are several standard ways of
testing for the decay resistance of various woods.  One is the "soil block"
test, where a block of the wood is placed on soil innoculated with know decay
organisms.  Conditions are generally made optimal for decay to proceed, and the
progress of decay is followed by visual inspection and the monitoring of weight
loss.  I'm not sure, but this is probably an ASTM standard prodedure and would
be described in their section on decay and preservation, etc.
The other test procedure I've seen is called the "stake" test, where stakes of
wood are driven into the ground in a test area and the progress of decay m
monitored by observation and measurement of weight loss.  I suspect this is als
also an ASTM standard.

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