IUFRO-ECOTECH'94 Electronic Workshop (Sept 1994)

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IUFRO-ECOTECH'94 Electronic Workshop (Sept 1994):
"Barriers to Cross-disciplinary Research and Technology Transfer in Wood
for Energy in the Tropics".

The Integrated Research in Biomass for Energy project group of IUFRO
(International Union of Forest Research Organizations) is sponsoring a
series of papers and discussions through ECOTECH'94. Since the formation
of the P1.09-00 Project Group, five workshops have been held (Sweden,
1984; Yugoslavia, 1986; China, 1989; Canada, 1990 and Berlin, 1992). These
activities have addressed the issues of wood for energy, globally.
However, the socio-economic and environmental differences between the
tropical and the temperate zones have made it advisable to address the
issues independently within the Project Group. To this end, two working
parties were established: P1.09-01 Integrated Research in Temperate
Short-rotation Energy Plantations and P1.09-02 Integrated Research in
Tropical Bioenergy Systems. This step was intended to provide an
opportunity for the working groups to address areas of particular concern
to their respective regions. The Project Group will continue to facilitate
communications between the two regions about wood for energy. 

As a first activity of the P1.09-02 Working Party, we are planning an
electronic workshop through ECOTECH'94 to be held during September, 1994. 
The theme will be "Barriers to Cross-disciplinary Research and Technology
Transfer in Wood for Energy in the Tropics". We hope that such a meeting
will help us to make recommendations for research and technology transfer
strategies in this field. This electronic workshop will form the basis for
a face-to face-meeting on the issue in the near future. 

We anticipate that this workshop will consist of 8 to 10 papers and
related discussions from a wide geographical distribution in the tropics
and subtropics. Papers should address the theme outlined above by
discussing your perspectives on barriers to interdisciplinary research and
to technology transfer and/or your suggestions and experiences in
overcoming the problems. Further details on the Workshop will be announced
shortly through ET-ANN. 

If you are interested in presenting a paper for discussion via computer, 
please send a copy of your abstract or outline by July 15, 1994 to: 

Andy Kenney
E-mail:  kenney at larva.forestry.utoronto.ca

(Deputy Project Group Leader P1.09-00 and Working Party Leader P1.09-02)
Faculty of Forestry
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3B3  
TEL:        (416) 978-0474
FAX:        (416) 978-8346

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