Jobs in the Gulf Region

ALI YILMAZ ay03 at ns1.CC.Lehigh.EDU
Sat Jun 4 22:16:56 EST 1994

The fallowing was sent to me by a friend along with a request
for me to post it on the net:

                    GULF EMPLOYERS INC.

Gulf Employers Inc. is your source for information about high
paying jobs in the Gulf region.  Through our extensive
employment network we will provide you with the fallowing

Jobs Data Bank:

We will put your resume in our Data Bank for one year for
only $19.95.  All resumes will be available for employers in
the US and in the Gulf region without any advance fee.  Call
us for more information.

Direct Application to Potential Gulf Employers:

We will apply to employers in the Gulf region on your behalf.
All you need to do is send us your resume and we will take
care of everything else.  For $19.95 for the first
application and $12.95 for each additional application we
will write a cover letter in Arabic, and send all the papers
via firstclass international airmail.  Our list of Gulf
employers include hundreds of private and government

How to Find a Job in the Gulf Region:

This is your comprehensive guide for finding a job in the
Gulf region.  This book will provide you with step by step
instructions from finding out about jobs to your interview.
Order today for only $9.95 + $2.95 S&H.

At Gulf employers we accept Visa, Mastercard, money orders
and personal checks.  Send your orders to:

         Gulf Employers Inc.
         PO Box 50571              OR    1-800-249-1020
         Tulsa OK 74150-0571      CALL

Please do not send me E-Mail, call or write GEI at the number provided.

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