boreal borer (increment) ?

Eric M. Nielsen emn8c at fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU
Wed Jun 8 08:40:49 EST 1994

Hello out there.

  I'm going to be spending most of the summer sampling forests
in Saskatchewan (near the southern boreal forest border) and
northern Manitoba (near the northern edge) and will be
collecting cores for dating minimum stand ages.  I need to buy
an increment borer and am trying to pick the right one.

  I'm thinking of getting a 3-threaded 12" bit length model
(although 12" may be longer than I need there, I'd like it to
be useful here in Virginia as well).  I haven't decided on a
core diameter yet.  The main issue is that I'd like the cores
to fit easily but snugly inside typical drinking straws for
storage.  I might get a .169" (4.3mm) diameter just because I
know it would fit, but maybe .200" (5.15mm) would be a better
choice...  Anyone who's got any advice please e-mail me (soon!)
at emn8c at   Thanks.


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