cherry seed germination

Thu Jun 9 09:44:18 EST 1994

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>I am in my last year over here and would like to leave behind
>some cherry trees. The fruit is ripe now. I have some garden
>space, but have forgotten details of germination. (I don't
>speak Japanese well enough to ask over here)
>I remember they need an acid bath (the gut of a bird), but
>do they require scarification? Is a period of reduced temperature
>Could someone fill me in on the details?
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No cherry species I know of will germinate without the seed being given 
a presowing chilling treatment of 2 months - plus- or at least this much 
time in the soil. 

Since you are in your last year there, I would suggest you consider 
rooting cuttings rather than growing from seed. You could end up leaving 
much larger trees. Try the following:-

On a healthy tree look for the newest shoots available, cut tips -6 to 8 
inches long, remove all but 2 or 3 of the newest leaves, place the shoots 
like cut flowers in a jar of water, include in the same jar shoot tips of 
the same size from a willow tree, maintain the water level, watch for root 
development begining in about two weeks. When roots appear move shoots to 
pots, keep pot soil moist, transplant to garden after the shoots have 
started to elongate. 

Good luck.

Hugh O. Schooley

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