A sincere apology... please read.

Chris Bongart cbongart at delphi.com
Wed Jun 15 19:19:11 EST 1994

A most sincere apology... please read.  

I understand the very posting of this message 
is contrary to what I am saying below, but 
please, hear me out.  I feel I need to make a 
public, formal apology to the Usenet community.  

To the entire discussion group community, I offer 
my sincerest apologies.  Over the past two weeks, 
I have posted two proposals in various groups 
(this one included).  I was in error in doing so, 
and I humbly apologize for any inconvenience, 
lost time, or direct/indirect aggravation.  Thanks 
for calling this to my attention, and as I said, 
please accept my sincere apologies.  

Chris Bongart     cbongart at delphi.com

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