Butternut (Juglans cinerea)

Norm Smith smithn at govonca.gov.on.ca
Mon Jun 20 12:29:44 EST 1994

I have been asked by a colleague to post a message to see if anyone has
any information on Butternut (Juglans cinerea) that would be applicable
to the study they are working on.  The information I have received on
this project is as follows:

- the project will determine the minimum viable population size for
Butternut that is needed for reporductive success.

Information is needed on Butternut; specifically, its silvics, etc. and
especially any knowledge on the butternut canker (an especially virulent
disease) that is affecting some US populations.

A literature search has been conducted on this subject but not very much
information has turned up.        

If anyone has any information (e.g. pertinent papers, local knowledge,
gray area literature, etc.), I would appreciate hearing from you so I
can pass it along.  The researchers working on this project have
expressed interest in hearing from anyone who is working on Butternut as
a means of establishing contacts elsewhere.  

Please reply to me and I will see that the message is forwared.
Unfortunately, the researchers do not have Internet access at this time
otherwise they would have posted this request themselves.

Norm Smith
Science and Technology Transfer Unit (London)
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
London, Ontario

Internet: smithn at mnr.gov.on.ca

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