Forest Plantations Costa Rica/Venezuela

BobGFlynn bobgflynn at
Thu Jun 23 09:08:06 EST 1994

Dear Group,

Help!  I am a forestry consultant in Tacoma, Washington.  I have
fairly extensive experience in Chile and Argentina, but I will be
visiting Costa Rica and Venezuela for the first time next month.  I
am working on two projects- one is a forecast of future woodchip
exports from this region (I will be visiting Stone Container's
gmelina plantations), and the other project is an analysis of the
role fast-growing plantations will play in meeting the world's wood

I would like to meet with some people in Venezuela, either government
agency, private companies, association people, or consultants, who
are knowledgeable about that country's plantation base, future wood
yields, etc.  Any suggestions?

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