Finding Chuck

Fri Jun 24 22:11:30 EST 1994

Date:         Fri, 24 Jun 94 23:05:41 EDT
From:         EBD100S at ODUVM
Subject:      Trying to locate a woodsman.
To:           bobgflynn at
I'm looking for my cousin, Charles (Chuck) Broscious, once upon a time
into forestry, went to college I believe in Denver... grew up in
Sunbury Pennsylvania and is about 48 or so years old. I think he lives
now in Idaho in a mountain house... Saw him several months ago on
American Portrait (an ABC production) about nuclear airplanes. He was
interviewed as an environmental expert.

Haven't seen him since 1960s after he graduated from high school and
would really like to find him. If you know him or know of him, please
forward this message to him, or to anyone who might know how I could
contact him.


Elaine B(roscious) Dawson
Old Dominion University
Desktop publisher and LAN administrator
ebd100s at    or
ebd100s at oduvm.bitnet

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