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Mon Mar 7 08:00:34 EST 1994


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Not much else to say, I am looking for any and all information regarding a
forestry listserv address.  Know of any?

REPLY .........

A.Kempf in the European Tropical Forest Research Network News
(6/93) listed the following (in addition to bionet.agroforestry):

FMDDS-L (Discussion list on forest management decision support systems 
- subscribe to LISTSERV at PNFI.FORESTRY.CA)

forest at  (Mailing list initiated by the IUFRO working party
S4.11.03 'Computers' (subscribe to MAILSERV at NIC.FUNET.FI)

ITRDBFOR at ASUACAD (Dendrochronology forum - subscribe to

WOODWORK at IPFWVM (Bitnet - list on woodworking - subscribe to
LISTSERV at ipfwvm).

I've not used any of the above but did try  'SUBSCRIBE FMDSS-L' to (Petawawa National Forestry Institute) and was told that the
list name was unknown -  hope you have better luck

Incidentally, I'm supposed to be 'discussion leader' for this newsgroup. 
Having been out of computer contact in Cameroon for since June 91 I'm
very pleased to note that people are still finding it useful!  However,  I did a
search on waismail for subscribers to 'agroforestry', and found only around
10 names.  It would be very helpful if more folk cold register themselves
and their interests with bionet (the monthly BIOSCI FAQ describes how to
to this or send the message HELP to waismail at

I'd be particularly interested to hear of any individuals or groups who are
modelling underground processes in agroforestry systems.


Gerry Lawson (Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Edinburgh EH26 0QB, UK)
GJL at

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