Institute of Forest Genetics on the World-Wide Web

Bradley K. Sherman bks at
Sun Mar 6 20:04:34 EST 1994

The Dendrome project of the Institute of Forest Genetics
has an experimental http server on the World-Wide Web (WWW).
The Universal Resource Locator (URL) for this service is:
A Gopher server is also available at,
port 70.  The Dendrome project hopes to become the primary
electronic resource for the study of the molecular genetics
of forest trees.  Criticism and suggestions for services
are welcome.

The project is directed by David B. Neale; the software
engineer is Bradley K. Sherman.  The Institute of Forest
Genetics is located in Placerville and Albany, California,
and is part of the Pacific Southwest Research Station of
the USDA Forest Service.  Funding for the project is from
the Office of the Plant Genome, USDA Agricultural Research
Service.  Dendrome is also a contributor to the Plant
Genome Database of the National Agricultural Library.

[There is a variety of free software available for browsing
the World-Wide Web, the best know of which is Mosaic from
the National Center for Supercomputing Applications --an
Internet connection is necessary.  WWW, which began at CERN
in Geneva, Switzerland, allows for the presentation of data
in a variety of media, including text, graphics, sound and
animated graphics.]


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