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Antonio Brunori, U. Florida ambr at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu
Wed Mar 9 11:12:24 EST 1994

In article <Pine.3.88.9403011126.A19008-0100000 at cliff.nalusda.gov>, kguenthe at NALUSDA.GOV (Kim Guenther) writes:
> I am trying to find information regarding nursery or seed companies that 
> sell seeds 
> of halophytes.  Specifically, the names, addresses and telephone numbers 
> of companies that sell these seeds. 
> Thanks,
> Kim

Hi Kim, this is Antonio Brunori, Agroforestry Interest Group Coordinator in 
the University of Florida.
I know A forester in Israel that is collecting seeds of halophytes since the
early '80. As far as I know he sell them, too.
His address is :
Jehuda Reves, c/o ISRAFLORA , Kyriat Bialik 27000, P.O. Box 502 Israel

I hope it is usefull to you.
Antonio Brunori

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