Can trees really grow to 30'-35' in 3-4 years? ("Austrees")

Joe Omielan joeomielan at
Sun Mar 13 01:24:47 EST 1994

    I was working with "Austrees" when I was doing on-farm research for
Resource Efficient Agricultural Production (REAP) - Canada.  Austrees were one
the clones we were evaluating for biomass production and performance in
The Austrees do grow well here in southern Ontario but they need good
conditionsi.e., good moisture and adequate nitrogen to grow well.  They were
developed in Australia and New Zealand as a windbreak tree.  They are different
from the other trees we were
evaluating in  that they have small leaves and lots of branches which means
that they still provide a reasonable amount of windbreak protection after leaf
fall.  Once the trees get a bit larger you can increase your population of
Austree clones by taking o
your own cuttings.  One of our farmer cooperators was doing this.  I hope this
information helps.

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