Mon Mar 14 14:32:41 EST 1994

Dear 'Tree Seed' Colleague:

Since 1983, the seed research unit at Petawawa National Forestry
Institute, (PNFI) has been supporting the Tree Seed Working Group
of the Canadian Tree Improvement Association, in developing and
maintaining a research/technology network among seed workers. The
Working Group includes most of the people in Canada having tree
seed interests as well as a few individuals in the USA, Africa,
China, Finland, Sweden, India, and other countries. They are
concerned with seed physiology, development, germination,
production, pest control, or tree improvement research, with seed
procurement, processing, storage, or testing technology, with seed
orchard management, with seed certification and sales, or with seed

The Working Group's networking activities currently involve 
arranging for tree seed to be a subject for discussion at workshops 
and professional meetings, twice yearly publishing a Newsbulletin 
(English), maintaining a directory of seed workers, and as
individuals, voicing support for tree seed work and distributing
research/technology information in all possible ways both within
and outside the Group.

The seed research unit at PNFI recognizes that the distribution of
tree seed research/technology information can be further enhanced
by the establishment of an email discussion group on the INTERNET 
and would willingly accepts the responsibility of managing such a 

I am now pleased to announce that an international electronic mailing 
listserver discussion group for tree seed has been set up. 

This discussion group is a forum for rapid exchange of research/ 
technology information, ideas, and opinions related to topic tree 
seed and also welcomes announcements of meetings, calls for papers,
help/employment wanted messages, and book reviews. Messages between
members of the group are sent by electronic mail.  All members are
sent electronic copies of each piece of correspondence, keeping
everyone informed of the ongoing electronic 'discussion'.

There are two parts to the service:  the discussion group, 
and an automated list server.  The discussion group operates 
in a very simple manner.  All mail received at the address 
'TREESEED at PNFI.FORESTRY.CA' will be copied and sent automatically 
to all subscribers on the list. Subscriptions are managed 
automatically by the list server.  

To add your name to the subscription list send a message to 
'LISTSERV at PNFI.FORESTRY.CA' with single line message of the 
form:    SUBSCRIBE TREESEED FirstName LastName
confirmating that your name has been added to the list will be 
sent to you.  

Membership in this group is open to everyone expressing an interest
in tree seed.  Please feel free to pass on this information sheet
to any colleague that you think would be interested. 

Many of the articles submitted to the Canadian Tree Improvement 
Association - Tree Seed Newsbulletin will be copied to the discussion 
group mailing list, and vice-versa. The Newsbulletin provides a service 
to those without electronic mail access, but is only available in english. 
Requests for subscriptions to the Newbulletin may be addressed to me at

HUGH O. SCHOOLEY (Tree Seed Discussion Group 
Administrator and Editor CTIA_TSWG Newsbulletin)
Petawawa National Forestry Institute
Box 2000, Chalk River, Ontario
- or -
email your request to HSCHOOLEY at

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