B.S.P.(Ben) Wang Retires Mar. 30, 1994

Mon Mar 14 15:27:22 EST 1994

I writing to inform you that B.S.P. (Ben) Wang is retiring March 31
1994, from his position as leader of FORESTRY CANADA'S, Petawawa 
National Forestry Institute, Seed Research Unit. 

Ben has worked in forestry in Canada for more than 35 years. Since
coming to PNFI in 1966, his leadership, foresight, and dedication
have been responsible for the establishment and subsequent success
of the National Tree Seed Centre and National Seed Bank. While he
continued to stimulate, and participate in seed research, his
recognition as an authority on all aspects of tree seed has led to
a demand for his advice and assistance on seed problems across
Canada and through out the world. He has responded to these needs
through technology transfer efforts to all levels of seed work. In
particular he has lead national and international committees.
worked for the Canadian Development Agency, represented the
Canadian Forest Service on exchange missions, and trained many
foreign seed researchers.

A party honouring Ben will be held in the auditorium, at PNFI,
Thursday, March 31, beginning a noon. I know it may not be
reasonable for  you to attend, but if you can, please do so. 
If you can not be here in person, please send your best wishes.
We ask that all messages be sent to PNFI. They may be addressed to
me or directly to Ben. Messages I receive will be passed on to Ben
at the party (if too late for the party, forwarded on to him).
Messages addressed to Ben should be sent as soon as possible
because he and his wife Helen, fly to Taiwan in early April. Ben
will be working for six months (plus?) as a Research Fellow at the
Taiwan Forestry Research Centre.

This note has been sent to as many of Ben's associates as I am
aware of, but I don't know everyone. Please pass on this news of 
Ben's retirement to individuals you think will be interested.

Hugh O. Schooley
Petawawa National Forestry Institute
P.O. Box 2000, Chalk River, Ontario, K0J 1J0 Canada

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