Can trees really grow to 30'-35' in 3-4

Helmut Kornmann kornmann at
Sun Mar 20 08:32:14 EST 1994

(Jack Decker) writes:
> >I don't know anything about this company or its trees, but the 
> >Wall Street Journal did a front-page story not too long ago about 
> >research into using fast-growing hardwoods for electric power 
> >generation, and there were big companies involved in developing 
> >trees growing at this sort of speed.  Can't recall all the 
> >details, but a good library search should turn up the article.  
More details about the trees would be interesting, Are they water-suckers like Eukalyptus? With that groth-rate that could be possible. Eucalyptus has done quite 'some' devastation up to now, I have heared, in Kenya, they try to limit the new plantation of Eucalyptus, as it has proven to be harmful because of its side-effect
of poissoning the soil for many other plants. A more "healthy" tree would be welcome,
I think.
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