ANNOUNCEMENT -- Forest Nurseries Shortcourse

Robert Neumann bneumann at
Mon Mar 21 13:39:07 EST 1994

The 4th Annual Forest Nursery Technology Shortcourse is being offered by 
CEFORA (Centro para Forestacion de las Americas), through New Mexico State 

The course will take place August 9-30, 1994 and will be CONDUCTED IN SPANISH.

Past participants have generally been mid-level professionals and nursery 
managers from developing countries, predominantly Latin American countries.

Technologies to be covered in the course include seed management, container 
production, bareroot production, vegetative propagation, and seedling quality. 
The role of seedlings in reforestation success will be covered with visits to 
reforestation sites.  The use of seedlings in urban forestry programs will 
also be covered.

The course will be conducted as a field tour, starting in Las Cruces, New 
Mexico with an overview of U.S. forestry activities and participant discussions
of home country nursery and reforestation situations.  The tour will then go 
to the Northwest U.S. where over 200 million seedlings are produced each year 
for reforestation.  In addition, participants will attend the Far West 
Horticultural Trade Show.

The program fee of $2,800 per person covers registration, materials, and 
ground and air transportation in the U.S. during the program, plus $150 book 
fee.  Transportation to El Paso, TX from participants' home countries, 
housing, food service, and insurance are not covered by this fee.

For more information, contact:

     Mr. Richard Phillips
     tel (505) 646-2729
     fax (505) 646-6041
     Dr. Paul Huntsberger
     tel (505) 646-4735
     fax (505) 646-1517
     Mr. Robert Neumann
     bneumann at

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