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Mon Mar 21 11:26:30 EST 1994

In article <9403160038.AA10445 at sun1>, antje at (Antje Haase) writes:
>  Hi folks,
>  does anyone out there know how to make Brazil nuts germinate faster? My
>  information is that it can be done by treatment with alkaline (NaOH) or
>  sulfuric acid. My questions are:
>  1. is there any improved treatment? If so, how do you do it?
>  2. for the alkaline or acid treatment: what concentration of NaOH or sulfuric
>  acid do you use and  how long is the solution applied for?
Hi Antje.
I am not very familiar with the brasilian nut germination (beside that I would
have to crack and to open them to start the germination process), but I can
give you the address of a seed physiologist in Brasil.
She surely knows the updated techniques;
Her name is Dr Marlene de Matos Malavasi, Departamento de Fitotecnia
                                          Universidade Federal Rural Do Rio de
                                          Janeiro. Km 47 Antigua Rodovia Rio-
                                          Sao Paulo 
                                          23851 Itaguai, RJ   BRAZIL

I hope you can have from her the information you are looking for.
(her address was given me by Dr Mary Duryea, Forestry Dept. , Univ. of Florida)

Good luck

Antonio Brunori
(Agroforestry Interest Group Coordinator for the University of Florida)

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