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Michael Hobbs mhobbs at well.sf.ca.us
Sun May 1 09:53:01 EST 1994

This is a reply to the 8th. grade class at Glendale Jr. High.
The first thing to do is to very clearly distinguish between Forestry
and deforestation. A distinction that perhaps some in the environ-
mental movement wouldn't make. I have not been to the Rainforest, but
have talked to foresters who have. The bulk of deforestation there, by
far, is due to land clearing for agriculture, homesteading, wood for fuel,
and issues related to rapid population growth. In some cases it's a
slum-clearance (and I really need a better term there) project to get
people out of overcrowded cities. Their way is paid. A university near
you should have a Forestry department that can talk to you about Canada.
And I understand that there is an organization called The Tropical
Forest Foundataion that can give you information on Rainforests and Forestry.
Apparently, deforestation in many rainforest areas is real. It will continue
un-abated however, until and unless the causes above are recognized and
dealt with.
mhobbs at well.sf,ca,us

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