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Mon May 2 15:04:56 EST 1994

David Lloyd-Jones (david.lloyd-jones at canrem.com) wrote:

: AH+does anyone out there know how to get hold of timer prices in Western
:   +industrial countries? I'm talking about the price you'd expect to be paid pe
:   +cubicmetre.  I immagine they'll be quite easily accessible, just
:   +haven't got a clou, how. 
: I would have said clue, but anybody of a carpentry turn of mind would 
: say "clou", wouldn't they?
: Standard lumber prices are published every day in the Wall Street 
: Journal, and other financial newspapers.
: If you are thinking of buying, for construction purposes, say, you can 
: get a good idea of things by talking to the Commercial Attache at the 
: embassy or consulate of any lumber exporting country.  
: The prices given you by the attaches will reflect open market 
: conditions of the advanced countries, and may not be an accurate 
: reflection of what goes on in, say, the forests of Thailand or the 
: veneer-peeling plants of Indonesia.
	Thailand has a ban on logging...officially...so most of the lumber
available in Thailand is coming out of Laos, Burma, and Cambodia. The
grapevine tells me that a group of corporate officials from one of the
world's largest manufacturers of logging equipment is in Thailand right
now. How is that lumber priced?: 
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